Precision CNC Machining Services

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We make CNC Machined parts to your exact spec.

Our machine shop in Toronto serves a wide variety of industries across Canada and the U.S., specializing in small metal and plastic parts in quantities of 1 to 250+.

Our mission is to support innovators

in Canadian manufacturing through

high-quality, reliable service.

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Our advantages

1.  Fast Turnaround
2.  Engineering Support
3.  Superior quality, every time

Our lean organizational structure, advanced machinery and engineering expertise allow us to deliver a superb customer experience at every step.

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Our Services


Our Machinery

2021 Haas VF-2SS

Our CNC has travels of (X, Y, Z): 30x16x20", a 12,000RPM Spindle, 30 Pocket Tool Changer, and 1400IPM Rapids

It also has the following options:

  • Tool and Part Probing - for checking tool breakage and part location, and generating dimensioning reports.

  • High Speed Machining Software - for improved part finishes and speed in roughing operations.

We have 3 vises for workholding and use custom fixturing setups whenever possible to maximize productivity.

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Vapor honing technologies blasting cabinet

Vapour blasting is a finishing technique that we use on plastics, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel parts to create a smooth satin sheen. As opposed to dry blasting, wet blasting combines a slurry of water, abrasive, and pressurized air to clean the part while also finishing it at the same time. The type of abrasive media greatly changes the finishing characteristics. Coarse media such as aluminum oxide creates a dull surface that can smooth out machining marks and deburr parts, while a finer glass bead creates an aesthetic finish. We exclusively use a medium-fine glass bead which through our own experimentation produces the best aesthetics in anodized aluminum.

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Kaeser SM 7.5 Aircenter Compressor

Our 7.5HP Kaeser can supply 32CFM at 125PSI with an integrated 80-gallon reservoir and air dryer. This is more than enough air to run the CNC mill with air blast concurrently with vapour blasting. It's even connected to the internet so we can monitor system status and operations remotely!

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