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Mariano Elia

My name is Mariano Elia, and I am the founder of Argon Prototypes. I am a recent graduate of Computer Engineering at Queen's University, but my passion for engineering has truly manifested itself in projects – from building aquariums and contraptions as a child, to designing and manufacturing consumer electronics products as a young adult. In 2018, I founded Argon Prototypes as a platform to share my creations.

Emilio Elia

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My name is Emilio Elia, co-founder and director at Argon Prototypes. Always looking for a new creative outlet, I became involved in music production, filmmaking, photography and writing while in high school. As a student of Economics and Management at the University of St Andrews, I’ve found that creativity and business management walk hand-in-hand – which led to my involvement in founding Argon Prototypes. All branding, media, marketing and public relations are handled by me, while my brother handles the tech.