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Recently I purchased a 2001 NB2 Mazda Miata with the purpose of learning how cars work through the performance modification process. The Miata is a perfect starting platform to how a modern car operates. There is the right balance between modern technology, and enough simplicity for the car to still work without the original Engine Control Unit (ECU) preventing it from moving without a technicians special code.

  • 3" Stainless Steel 304 Exhaust TIG welded all by myself.

  • Custom MegaSquirt 3 + Expansion soldered by myself to specification based on my cars factory options

  • Fully adjustable coilover suspension

  • Garrett GT2560R turbocharger (7 PSI base spring for wastegate)

  • CXRacing Intercooler Kit

  • 15x8 +25mm Offset Advanti Storm S1 Rims with 205/50R15 Potenza RE-71R tires

  • Flyin Miata Stage 1 Clutch change replaced by myself with help from my brother