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Our Story

Our Story

Argon Prototypes began life in Toronto, Ontario as an electronics startup. Brothers Mariano and Emilio Elia (that’s us!) set out to develop a high-end digital clock, complete with a CNC machined enclosure and Nixie tube display. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, we leapt straight into the deep end of electronics manufacturing. When all was said and done, we came to realize our passion for bringing designs to life.


Argon Prototypes has since evolved into a full-time CNC machine shop where we now bring your designs to life! Using our cutting-edge 2021 Haas VF-2SS, we create metal and plastic parts to your specification with the utmost precision and care. From one-off prototypes to medium-size production runs, we have provided high quality parts to industry-leading companies and DIY inventors alike.

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