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Precision CNC Machining Services

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Quality Parts.
On Time.
Every Time.
We make CNC Machined parts to your exact spec.

Located near downtown Toronto,

Argon Prototypes specializes in low-volume, fast-turnaround CNC Machining for R&D projects at innovative companies across Canada and the USA.

• 3 and 4-axis CNC Milling
• Aluminum, Steel, and various Plastics
• Small to Medium-sized parts
• Quantities of 1 to 250+

About Us
"Not your average machine shop..."
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Superior Quality

Nothing is more important to us than the quality of our work. With our brand-new machinery and meticulous attention to detail, we achieve incredible surface finishes and very high precision on our parts - as fine as 0.0001”. We believe that our work speaks for itself!

Easy to work with

We prioritize fast, transparent and informed communication to inspire confidence in your project. RFQs are usually turned around in just a few hours and you will receive relevant updates throughout the manufacturing process.

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Engineering Support

When it comes to your engineering needs, we will always be on the same page. We are experts in machining, CAM, CAD, and are knowledgeable across many facets of mechanical engineering. Our skills enable us to work closely with your team to ensure your parts not only work, but are cost-effective.

Fast and agile

Short lead times are crucial for R&D: a single bottleneck can stall your entire project. For small-quantity orders, we typically ship within 1 to 2 weeks. Most machine shops don’t even want to touch prototype work and often quote lead times in months! We also reject large production runs to keep our schedule flexible.

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Our Capabilities

Our Services

Our Machinery

2021 Haas VF-2SS

with 4th-Axis

Our CNC Mill has travels of (X, Y, Z): 30x16x20", a 12,000 RPM Spindle, 30 Pocket Tool Changer, and 1400IPM Rapids.

It also has the following options for maximum productivity, flexibility, and capability...

  • 2022 Haas HRT160SP 4th-Axis Rotary

  • High Speed Machining Software

  • Zero-Point Pallet System with 3 Vises

  • Vacuum Workholding

  • Double Station Vises

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Vapor honing technologies blasting cabinet

Vapour blasting is a finishing technique that we use on plastics, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel parts to create a smooth satin sheen. As opposed to dry blasting, wet blasting combines a slurry of water, abrasive, and pressurized air to clean the part while also finishing it at the same time. The type of abrasive media greatly changes the finishing characteristics. Coarse media such as aluminum oxide creates a dull surface that can smooth out machining marks and deburr parts, while a finer glass bead creates an aesthetic finish. We exclusively use a medium-fine glass bead which through our own experimentation produces the best aesthetics in anodized aluminum.

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Kaeser SM 7.5 Aircenter Compressor

Our 7.5HP Kaeser can supply 32CFM at 125PSI with an integrated 80-gallon reservoir and air dryer. This is more than enough air to run the CNC mill with air blast concurrently with vapour blasting. It's even connected to the internet so we can monitor system status and operations remotely!

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Our Machinery