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The Enix

The Enix is our first-ever product: a digital clock with a Nixie tube display.
_MG_8740 copy.jpg

Unlike real vintage products, this clock has the 'look' but leaves behind the fuss of old technology. With many features such as USB power, RGB under-lighting and cool animations, this clock is (almost) as practical and modern as any new clock, but looks way better.


In the development of this product, it was very important for us to create a design as compact and sleek as possible. Through meticulous development of the circuit board design, we are able to offer the Enix in a compact form. This results in a look that is clean, sharp and contemporary, and will look amazing on your desk or bedside table.

Our enclosures are CNC machined from a solid block of 6061 Aluminum and bead-blasted for a smooth satin finish, and now available in a variety of woods made in house.




The Enix display is programmed to cycle through time, date, and ambient temperature. The temperature is measured using an internal sensor and the time and date can be manually adjusted using the two buttons on the rear.  

Open Source!

If you happen to like coding (as we do so much), the Enix is Arduino compatible and open source – perfect for enthusiasts who love tweaking and customizing their tech.

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Customer Testimonials from our Kickstarter Campaign

Grabbed mine.

Just absolutely stunning.


Howdy Mariano and Emilio from the UK,

Just received the Enix clock and congratulations to you both on producing a delightful high-quality product. Nice touch setting the time too - much appreciated! :-)

Many thanks for your hard work and seeing this project through to the end.


-Tim Hastings

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